Create an app to manage your dog's hair styles with apps@cloud, but not just.

Making sure that your dog is at the forefront of the latest trends is hard work. Neither you nor your schnauzer is one to be outdone, but consistently having the most fashionable dog in the dog park takes time and organization. With the right app though, you could cut your work in half while still ensuring that your pooch is the most stylish on the block.

Your options, like your dog’s potential hairstyles, are limitless. Collect pictures and descriptions of different hairstyles all in one place, so it makes deciding that much easier. Then use apps@cloud Mini on your tablet or smartphone, so you can bring all this information with you when you go to the salon. Organize your poodle’s hairdos by the month or season, and then automate the app to send you emails and notifications when it’s time for a new haircut. You might even want to archive data regarding the previous hairstyles of your dog and the neighbors’ dogs, just to make sure that you are always on the cutting edge of canine fashion. Finally, apps@cloud will also help you integrate your apps, so that they work even better together. In this way you can integrate your dog’s hairstyle app with your cat’s hairstyle app and your own hairstyle app. You’ll be able to manage all the hairstyles at once and maybe even choose to synchronize looks for special occasions.

Apps@cloud is the perfect platform to create the app that you need. Because it is so customizable, you can create the perfect dog grooming app, but you can also do so much more. From managing your calendar and contacts to tracking finances or planning your home renovations, apps@cloud and our staff will give you the tools to work better and smarter.

Sign up and try apps@cloud today. The whole process can take as few as five to ten minutes. Using your Google account, signing up and logging in is as simple as possible, and there you will find a user-friendly interface that makes designing your app incredibly easy. The system is very flexible and comes with a diverse array of options, so you can modify and tweak the app until you get it just right. Permissions, rules, and other features are all open and can be changed based on your discretion. Whatever type of app you can dream up, contact us today and we will start working on making it a reality.

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