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Creating your own cloud business software app has never been easier. With apps@cloud, you can create your first one for free, and the whole process can take as little as five minutes. Cloud business software apps are database programs that you can access on your web browser. The highly customizable interface of apps@cloud allows you to modify these databases to fit your specific business needs. For example, you can create an app that organizes logistics and delivery information and automatically closes out jobs a few days after they were marked as delivered. You can also create apps that track invoices and bank transactions or apps to manage inventory and notify you when supplies are running low. The possibilities are endless with the flexible and user-friendly software of apps@cloud.

When you transition away from on-premise software to an apps@cloud app, you will immediately benefit from the 24/7 customer service and support. Unlike business software you may have on company computers, it is incredibly easy to modify and improve your cloud apps, so that they are better tailored to your needs. You can change rules and permissions, for example, so different team members have different levels of access, or you can automate functions to save time. Not only are cloud apps more flexible, they are often less expensive. At apps@cloud, the first app you create is free, and additional apps will cost as low as $5/user/month. Compared to a $3,000 software development project, using apps@cloud instead can save you thousands of dollars every year and deliver the same functionality. In addition, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs like you would with on-premise alternatives. Everything is available online, so you and your team can work flexibly from different computers, and the system is more easily scalable for when your operation grows.

One reason to start using cloud apps with apps@cloud is that you want to reduce costs while also improving your CRM software. In the past this would seem impossible. The most well-known CRM providers, such as Salesforce, can charge up to $1,500 annually per user. You can create your own CRM software at apps@cloud for a fraction of that cost, but retain the core functions that you and your sales team need. The database and indexing can be organized according to the information that you think is most important, and you can automate the app to send you detailed reports on sales and customer data.

Ultimately, the way that apps@cloud can benefit your business is up to you. Tell our customer and development teams what areas of your business are causing you the most problems and which areas you’d like to optimize and automate. We can help you find the right app in our marketplace or create a brand new one to address those problems head on. The first app is free and only takes five minutes to create. What do you have to lose?

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