Santa uses to manage XMAS deliveries

More and more entrepreneurs are signing up for apps@cloud to take advantage of the highly customizable services. Especially around the holiday season, as production and business ramps up, it’s more important to ever that businesses are as organized and efficient as possible.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Saint Nick himself is using apps@cloud. Many make the mistake of not thinking of Santa Claus as a businessman because he gives his toys away for free. But he actually gets paid every year—in milk and cookies. Like all other experienced businessmen, Santa knows a good deal when he see one, so he’s surely started using some of these apps that are available with apps@cloud:

Orders Database

Keeping track of the orders of millions of kids can get confusing, especially when most of them decided to send their orders on hand-written letters instead of using their parents’ email accounts. Luckily the Orders Database is a perfect way for Santa to make sure everything has been accounted for and no good kid wakes up without a gift on Christmas morning. The app allows Santa and others to keep record of order number, order date, status, and other useful details. You can even add rules to automate record processing and schedule email notifications.

Events Calendar

Hey, Christmas sneaks up on us all, including Santa. The last few weeks when you need to buy your remaining gifts always seem to go by in a flash, but the Events Calendar app can ensure that you and Santa aren’t caught unprepared on Christmas Day. With fields for inputting information such as Event Name, Event ID number, Start/End time, and Location, you can make sure that all your events are kept track of and recorded.

Deliveries App

This one is really a no-brainer. As magical as Santa is, scheduling millions of deliveries in one night is no easy task—at least it isn’t without the Deliveries App at apps@cloud. With the app, Santa can easily keep record of all the pertinent information including pickup and drop off details, delivery status, pickup and drop off times, quantity, and description. The Delivery App will keep Santa organized on the 25th, so that he doesn’t accidentally forget to make any stops and can stay on schedule all night long.

These are just three of the dozens of apps available in the apps@cloud marketplace. Your first app is free, and registering and trying out an app can be done in as few as five minutes. Even though Christmas Day is almost here, it’s never too late to get started with apps@cloud. If Santa can do it, so can you.

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