apps@cloud Unveils the Santa's Secret to Managing Christmas Deliveries

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for Christmas, apps@cloud has blown the lid off Santa's delivery management secret. The man in red uses apps@cloud technology to ensure he makes his deadline! This powerful, free solution offers unprecedented capabilities for business owners as well as consultants interested in building a steady stream of income.
The company's platform is at once simple and groundbreaking. apps@cloud enables users to pick or even create a free online database or software application quickly and easily, with no need for any coding or technical skills necessary.
"apps@cloud is extremely easy, smart and useful," states founder Mo Sheleg. "I really wouldn't be surprised if Santa uses it to manage his Xmas deliveries."
Most cloud software providers force clients into a product they think they need, and it's usually complex, unfriendly and expensive. apps@cloud has taken a radically different tack, providing users with the freedom to pick free apps from the marketplace, or even create their own apps with no technical skills required.
Paul M., a senior advisor at Tak Financial, adds, "apps@cloud is a handy tool for businesses of all sizes. With the range of tools and all the different options available, we can create apps for anything we need, from invoices and customers to recordkeeping and employees."
The new platform is immensely beneficial for business owners, but also provides traction for professionals hoping to earn revenue by selling vertical business software apps on the marketplace or introducing apps@cloud to their own circles. The service also provides users with full control over their data and processes, stronger security and is surprisingly flexible, capable of handling virtually any needs.
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About apps@cloud: apps@cloud is a virtual cloud software company whose mission is to provide users with a quick, easy start in cloud software, allowing them to pick, integrate and host all software applications in a single place with more control over data and processes.
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