A Cloud Business Application in Five Minutes

Starting your free cloud business software application has never been easier.
With apps@cloud, you can pick (or even create) your first database application for free, and the whole process can take as little as five minutes.
Cloud business software applications or "cloud apps", are database programs that you can access on your web browser.
For example, you can pick a customer database app and even access your customer data on your smart mobile phone while you are on the go.
The apps@cloud marketplace has more than 50 apps such as job management, inventory, time sheet and more - all integrated in one location.
The possibilities are endless with the flexible and user-friendly app wizard which enables you to add rules for automation, send email notifications and more.
Unlike business software you may have on a company or personal computer, it is incredibly easy to modify and enhance your cloud apps, so that they are better tailored to your needs.
In addition, you won’t have to worry about maintenance cost like you would with other alternatives.
Everything is available online, anywhere, anytime, so you and your team can work flexibly from different computers, and the system is more easily scalable for when your operation grows.
Moving to apps@cloud means reducing cost and saying goodbye to the traditional pen and paper or the sticky notes that always seem to get lost in the pile of paperwork.
Ultimately, the way that apps@cloud can benefit your business is up to you. Tell their representative what areas of your business are causing you the most grief and which areas you would like to improve or automate.
They can also advise on the right app in the marketplace or create a brand new one to address those specific problems head on. The first app is free and only takes five minutes to start. What do you have to lose?
To start visit www.AppsAtCloud.com
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