Cloud business software apps should be designed to reduce your total cost of IT ownership, be ready to use quickly and scale when you need it. apps@cloud took things to another level by introducing a marketplace of ready-made, no-code cloud apps, as well as provide you with the ability to build fully custom cloud business productivity apps. All of the above is empowered by integration, automation, workflow, reporting, AI capacities and more.


Moses Sheleg

Moses has been in IT since 1999 and has experienced the different IT life cycles building solutions that are lean, pragmatic, cost-effective and value-driven. Moses studied aerodynamics, business and software development. He worked both in a startup and enterprise environments and was the co-founder of three cloud software companies.

Amit Siddhartha

Amit has more than 19 years' experience in enterprise product development, delivery, UI/UX, and technical publication. Amit holds an MBA in IT operations, and he has done his major in Computer Science. His current areas of interest are cloud storage, structured documentation, AI, and UI/UX.

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