Become an apps@cloud partner or consultant and earn a project percentage as well as passive monthly revenue.

The Platform

apps@cloud is a simplified cloud business productivity apps with integration, automation, workflows, reporting, AI, and more; all in one secure database location and the first basic app is free.

apps@cloud is committed to empowering IT companies, tech professionals, accountants, associations and business groups by introducing new revenue opportunities and leveraging cloud business software applications.

On your behalf, we will provide one free basic business software application to each of your clients.

The Opportunity

  • Earn commission and passive revenue by recommending apps@cloud to your customers and partners
  • Help your clients enhance their systems with complementary features and services introduced by apps@cloud or your business
  • Build stronger, long-lasting client relationships and win more business through partnership reputation
  • Leverage our software integration capacities and provide higher value and better automation
  • Suggest, or sell business applications on our marketplace


"apps@cloud is a handy tool for businesses of all sizes. With the range of tools and all of the different options available we can create apps for anything we need, from invoices and customers to record-keeping and employees."

Paul M. - Senior Advisor @ Tak Financial


"apps@cloud lets me create an app which I can then set up based on my client's business requirements. Adding and defining fields is very easy and can be done even by non-techies."

Marilou F. - Freelance Accountant & Bookkeeper

The Process

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our features, check out the list of marketplace applications and try out the APIs (if you intend on developing custom cloud application or systems integration).

Register, then login to your apps@cloud account (Menu > Account) and set yourself as an apps@cloud consultant (Account Type > company or person), once approved, we'll list your company or listing on our website.


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